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    The many faces of Lainey Sol

    ” Don’t give up, don’t give up…if you want to give up, don’t give up, if you give up .. don’t give up. Princesses don’t give up…and we dance and dance and dance…holding hands, together we dance….”  One of the songs Lainey, at age 2 wrote. She is surely and amazing little person. Whatever circumstance she faces, she deals a lot of her emotions through songs and writing. The other day I over heard a little tune  ” Lemmy doesn’t want to play now with me, and I’m sad about it” . Lemmy plays so much with Lainey, they do play for hours but sometimes Lemmy needs his own time alone.  When she gets things snatched from her hand from other kids, she sings : ” We don’t snatch…it is not nice…you must ask if you want something…you don’t snatch, you must ask nicely…if you do snatch a toy from my hand, then it makes me feel upset and I cry..”  It is  so lovely and powerful to hear this little girl dealing with her emotions, and the struggles at her age. I really don’t believe when people talk about the terrible 2’s. I can only see a little person who is discovering a new world around her, from marvellous things to others that are not so nice. They are told no quite a lot . The only way they can learn new things is by trying. How hard that must be for someone who wants to do everything on her own! She is Mrs independent. I love how she chooses what she wears and gets dressed on her own in the mornings. How she discovers where I keep emergency lollipops ( for travelling on airplanes is great when ears hurt!). She is curious, adventurous, fearless, wild, silly and so caring. I love how from holding her babies, singing lullabies and rocks them to sleep…she suddenly pretends to fall over and over with the most silliest of faces and expressions and voices to make us laugh. She is an extreme person for sure. She feels deeply, she loves so richly, she gives so much grace to all of our mistakes. When I fail and snap I apologise, then she is very quick to give me hugs and her eyes  are so sparkly and full of understanding. Who is this little girl? She is still nursing, she is almost 3 and she loves her ” lechita” time. After all I went through with breastfeeding ( that’s another long post!) I found how valuable those precious times are  and I’m so grateful. To be able to feed her with no pain and for her to play with my nose as she does, to look at me with love and smiles on her eyes. The tickles she gives me, the sweetness of her touch on my face, the love I received and I give, it is very special. The dances and shows she puts up for us to enjoy. The screams and another happy dance she does every time daddy comes through the door. The joy she has for all the friends she makes. She has such a desperation to become friends with everyone she meets. A random girl in the park, a little boy walking by ” They are my friends mummy” The curiosity and care she has over a little baby snail she sees on the street ” I must put him on the leaf so he can find his mummy there” . A friend to all. She adores her brother. She was so upset when Lemmy was so sick last month. ” I was so scared mummy” ” I don’t want to see Lemmy vomit again, I want him to be better” She follows him, she plays hours with his toys or games of interest ( lightsabers, legos, dinosaurs) She looks up to him, also she can boss him around! She is tiny but for sure she makes herself HEARD. I love how she tells me : ” Mummy, you are beautiful” . She compliments if I wear a dress, or put up make up or wear perfumes. Or just any day when I’m in my sweats.  She loves new clothes, dresses must be big and they have to pass the ” twirl” test when she does it, otherwise a little cute pout will show in her lower lip ” it doesn’t twirl mummy”. She is all girl, and all wild. My girl, soon to be 3. She shines bright like the sun. Mi Sol.




    Practicing the presence of God

    I remember those days when I could spend hours on the floor in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Being taken to the green peaceful pastures, holding hands with my master. Running to him, disconecting from the world just to enjoy a few moments of love , not just any love. His love, his never ending, unconditional love. His love running deep and deeper into my hungry and thirsty soul. The courses I took to learn more of him, to go deeper. The hours reading great books, the bible. The hours of prayer and worship. Those times were good. As a mother of 2 little ones now, I don’t have the leisure of those  moments that last hours anymore. I mean, I do have those moments, but they don’t look the same. Also, they can get interrupted at any minute. And that is OK. His love is still the same. His presence is still with me. ” I’m enough ” He told me the other day. When I feel like I can never get on top of daily chores, or expand on my passions and dreams and I start to feel overwhelmed by the practical elements of life, including the nights where Lainey is not sleeping well, and every time Marc and I even try to have a conversation it gets interupted a million times (ok, over exageration but it can feel like that!) The times I can only say : Lord, help me…His quite presence surrounds me. He never fails. His loud presence says : ” I love you” ” you are the best mummy” ” Thank you mummy for playing beauty saloon with me today” and so on. His presence is clear and loud. His timing always impecable. His ways are always coming to find me.  He is in all and through all, he is all to me.




    Jose & Daphne…in London

    When Jose and Daphne were going to get married, Daphne’s sister contacted me to be their wedding photographer. It had been a little while that I was pregnant with Lainey, the sickness, then the no sleeping ( still going on… but with much improvement!) I came to the decision that I wanted to spend more time with my kiddies, and weddings would have taken too many hours of my months! Sadly, I had to say no.

    A few months later Katherine contact me again, saying that in the end they had to get married in their homeland, back in Peru, because of a relative who couldn’t travel. Jose and Daphne would take their honeymoon around Europe so whilst they were in London, they would love for me to take some photos of them as a married couple. I was so honored that they still wanted me to take their photos. What I didn’t know, was that they came with their wedding clothes! It was January in England. WET, COLD and GREY!! The 4 of us were freezing!! Though we were cold, their love and warmth came through the images. A big thanks to Katherine and for being my assistant for the day:)

    May your new adventures together get better and better through the years!




    July 8, 2015 - 10:36 am

    Hannah - They are beautiful photos! I love the ones where you can see Daphne’s ugg boots under her dress! So cute!

    Merry Christmas 2014!

    This year seemed to pass so quickly. The sleepless nights, the ups and downs of being tired most of the time…and suddenly  Christmas started to approach ! I realised I hadn’t edited the photos I had taken of the kiddies or taken any new ones of our family for ages! I couldn’t find the attachment for my tripod, time passed. It got way too cold for my liking. Lainey started with cold, coughs…and if you know her, she is one  fiery girl! When she is not well….watch out world! Anything can trigger the waterfalls! Bless, I guess she comes from our side of the family on that one 😉 She is stronger than me though…she endures, perseveres and don’t ever get on her way! She is a natural leader for sure. Our sweet pea. OK. I’m going off track now… needless to say, if I want to plan a “set up” session with the kids and it isn’t in her mind, then…it won’t happen! I could insist but then she could get upset and then forget about the Happy Christmas photos, right!?

    My favourite things to photograph are the moments in between. The love, the look in their eyes, the connection,  the laughter…anything that comes naturally and will reflect who they are. That’s what I always love the most. Not to say, that of course it’s nice to have at least a few photos of the whole family smiling nicely etc! But never to get those moments in spite of how the kiddies may be feeling. I must confess that sometimes I loose track of that and I insist…I’m so glad my kids accept my repentance and forget so quickly. It’s always good to reflect our actions.

    So off we went, for a little session, but all natural:)I did take them to my favourite gate ( I love the colour!) and then I let them do as they pleased! Tickles and laughter are the best interaction they have, they show how amazing they both played together and how much fun they have! Lemmy and Lainey, they are both more than we ever dreamed of (except the sleep part that came along with Lainey ahem) But seriously, we know that our days are numbered and we are blessed. Every moment we have with them is cherished and when they are asleep, Marc and I often re count those moments in between that we both experience together or the ones I may missed while doing the dishes, or the ones he missed while he was at work. How I wish I could re-count them all. And again, that’s the one reason I love photographs, cause they tell of a moment that maybe my mind wouldn’t remember when the business and routine of life takes over or when my head is full of grey.

    To remember….how Lainey suddenly stretches her arms to Marc and me and said with a big grin : “I love you guys! ” The way she kisses my chest  (even half asleep) every time I nurse her and she switches sides. How she likes to make us laugh, and kisses and prays over all our physically owies. How she can’t wait for Lemmy to wake up in the mornings and doesn’t want to leave his room when he is fast asleep (and she isn’t) How Lemmy protects her from other older kids, steps in and says : “She is MY little sister, YOU need to be more careful. ” How he cheers her on when she started to do pee pees on her own : ” I’m so proud of you Lainey!” how thoughtful he is and draws me pictures, hugs me and is always so sensitive to other’s feelings and moods….the list is so long. We are blessed and grateful to God for trusting us, imperfect beings to the care of this 2 precious, innocent souls. I pray we always strive for goodness and to do the best we can. To always admit our mistakes, to be humble to admit them and ask forgiveness to them, to be quick to forgive as they are. Oh the grace we need! Thank you God for setting the example we need to live this life of parenthood. Let us not forget, that you lead us with love, patient, kindness…

    Love is patient, is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not pround. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easly angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres. Love never fails.” 1 Cor 13: 4-8

    Hope you enjoy them! For the new year, I may try again…all of us 😉


    Just remember, enjoy the moments in between!


    December 22, 2014 - 11:13 am

    Dina - Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for the lovely Christmas Card.
    Happy Christmas! God bless.
    Dina and Lúcio

    Jessika, visiting Bedford.

    It was 2001 when I went to Barbados to do a Leadership Training School with Youth with a Mission. Jessika was my room mate, along with other 10 girls? We clicked since day 1. While the school was coming to an end, I realised that my return ticket to Hawaii was not longer valid. Long story short, I ended up in Puerto Rico, in Jessika’s home. Her mother and all her family welcomed me as one of their own. The hospitality and love this family gave me it was really overwhelming. I stayed a little bit over 3 months. We went shopping together, we return the things we bought ( he he I found my other me in that area!!) , we exercise, we went for films and drove through El viejo San Juan with Diego Torres blasting from the stereo. She is just not a friend to me, she is my sister. She is always there for me, despise the distance. I can write her any time, she always replies right away. She helped me when I needed it the most, she prays, she sends gifts and letters through the mail, cause she knows me so well! I was so happy she came to visit and meet her goddaughter for the first time. I hope you can come back soon Jessika! We love you! This is my early birthday present for you!!


    Jessika worn DKNY jeans, Primark top, Converse shoes, Zara dress and a Jelly Bag from Sunjellies.