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Happy 2014!!

My first post for 2014!! I have so many things on my mind….so little time, as usual.

Last year has been a busy one, tough in some areas, wonderful in others. There’s lots of dreams and hopes for this coming new year. The one thing I would like to accomplish, is to enjoy the small moments more, to let go of  the little things that in the big realm of this life won’t matter in the end. To stop letting fear and worries rule, and have love and peace to be the warming presence in my being, in my home.

I plan to start reading and meditating on the bible more with Marc. To live freely without so much stress of the ordinary things that can be so overwhelming at times, to be able to find a good work/family balance .

I will continue to feed my passion for photography, many plans for this new season, new things to offer. Watch the space! I will also continue with my breastfeeding project, which, so far has been a great experience.

I have been quite in demand by a little piglet who still, at 14 months old, feeds every 2 hours and sometimes every 1 or less! I keep my kiddies as my priority at the moment, making the work thing a bit more selective.

I’m so looking forward to meet a lot of you this year!

Embracing life as it comes, with the good and not so good. Trying to make of this time the best I can, with what I have been given.

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