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Always hope

As the sun came peaking through the curtains, shining straight to where I was, sitting rocking my fast asleep baby i felt it again. I felt that warm bright presence in my face and inside my soul, my every part of my being was being smothered by his presence, his sweet whispers once again I felt in my ears and suddenly everything was ok. Here I’m. You are not alone. I’m your light. As his words kept flowing inside of me, I soaked them up as quickly as I was soaking the sun. Every word was a for ever reminder that he loves, that he cares, that he hears, that he knows and that he had never left. The light of the end of the tunnel was him.


Not matter what your facing, not matter the circumstances, you are never alone. Life brings lots of rocks our way, sometimes they get removed , sometimes they don’t. But his grace is sufficient, his words are powerful, his presence is the calm of every storm, his words are the sweetness for your soul, his character never changes. You can be assure that whatever your facing, he can bring you through it by his gentle hand.


As I rocked and held my 14 month old baby and tended to her every cry I knew that my father does the same, and for that I’m grateful.


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