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The many faces of Lainey Sol

” Don’t give up, don’t give up…if you want to give up, don’t give up, if you give up ..View full post »

Merry Christmas 2014!

This year seemed to pass so quickly. The sleepless nights, the ups and downs of being tired most of the time…andView full post »

Last October

October 9, 2013 Enjoying a walk with Lainey on an Autumnal day in Bedford, when she was almost 1 year old.  View full post »

Breastfeeding week

One thing I want to remember is the way she plays with my nose while nursing. The sunglasses were in the way on thatView full post »

What love can make

Valentine’s day was coming and it was another excuse to do a little mini session with my 2 little loves. I haven&#View full post »

Lainey in the bluebells

Right before Lainey turned 18 months old, we went for a little walk in the bluebell woods. I love that place! Every yearView full post »

A few snaps of Lainey

A few snaps from the 18th of September. Little Lainey at 11 months old…Loves to play with anything that belongs toView full post »


You know that wonderful feeling when you just click with someone? When you can talk about everything, feeling asView full post »

A trip to the Lavender fields

For a long time I wanted to see the Lavender fields. I dreamed of the photos I could take there, of my family orView full post »